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Welcome to OneStopBioShop, the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of biodiesel processors and accessories. We pride ourselves on the first class level of service that we provide to our customers worldwide everyday.

We promote and sell our exclusive range of BioBuddy biodiesel processors’ to clients ranging from the domestic home users to schools, prisons, farmers, logistic haulage companies and hotels.

What is biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a green alternative to conventional mineral fuels which is made from recycled vegetable oils (of all varieties) and will successfully fuel any diesel engine with a range of benefits.

Biodiesel will emit less greenhouse gasses than conventional fossil fuels by as much as 85%.

How much will I save?

Biodiesel can be produced for as little as 11 pence per litre and therefore the cost saving benefit is huge and how much you will save will entirely depend on how much you consume.

The average motorist travelling 10,000 miles per year in a diesel car returning 40MPG will expect to consume approx 1,136 litres of diesel. Given the current cost of diesel is £1.40 a potential saving of £1.29 per litre can be made which will equate to £1,465 each year

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